Hannah directory 2014-15 and launch festival

Hannah festival and directory asks three questions:

What great stuff is happening in places in England’s north now?
Who is doing it?
How can more of it happen?

Fawn Spots, Wharf Chambers, Hannah 2013. Photo Iggoire http://www.iggoire.co.uk/

Fawn Spots at Wharf Chambers, Hannah 2013. Photo: www.iggoire.co.uk

Hannah looks for great stuff happening in the arts, music, business, new kinds of social organisation, scientific discovery and anything else.

The first edition last year had 25 contributions ranging from impossible architecture to participatory art, new music, cardboard robots made by children, new writing, public transport policy and monster spotting.

The festival was covered four times by BBC Radio Leeds, as well as in the Metro newspaper, Big Issue in the North and on the Guardian Northerner blog.

This year we hope to have contributions from Newcastle, Sheffield, Manchester, Barrow, Liverpool, Preston, Huddersfield and Leeds.

The festival period in June (3 – 8) will be the launch of a directory of people and small organisations doing great things in lots of different fields, current till June 2015 when the new edition launches.

Concrete samples at Bespoke Concrete Products.

Concrete samples at Bespoke Concrete Products

Each page of the printed directory will start with a description of the person or organisation, then a brief paragraph about the thing they are doing during the festival period 3 – 8 June, along with contact details.

A reference point for directories as generative resources is the Whole Earth Catalogue, published in the early 70s in California.

Hannah in 2013 met with good will from the start and reached a modest Kickstarter target with several days to spare.

Emma Pace, House of Objects

Emma Pace, House of Objects

This year, we are planning a Kickstarter-like drive asking people to give a small amount of time rather than money, by joining a “by-hand delivery network” to distribute the directory throughout 2014-2015.