Hannah Directory 2014


louise atkinson Leeds artist curator curatorspace

Louise Atkinson, CuratorSpace

I’m an artist and curator based in Leeds. I’ve recently been working with my partner, Philip Bennison, on developing a new web application called CuratorSpace to enable curators and organisers to collect art submissions more easily. The application works by allowing organisers to create a page for their opportunity with an attached form, which they […]


Swing Tyne!

Swing Tyne! is a non-profit, volunteer-run collective based in Newcastle upon Tyne, dedicated to encouraging and developing the authentic swing dances of the 1920s, ’30s and ’40s – Lindy Hop, Charleston, Balboa, Collegiate Shag and Jazz Roots – in and around our city. We run low-cost swing dance classes every Thursday at Summerhill Bowling Club, […]

fabrication crafts the light leeds

Fabrication Crafts

Fabrication Crafts is a social enterprise supporting micro craft and fashion businesses also teaching crafts skills in house and in the community. We also provide ad hoc work space, a sewing lounge & a retail shop in Leeds City Centre where local businesses take space to sell their work. To celebrate the launch we will […]

ga-ma-yo Game Makers Yorkshire event photo

Andrew Crawshaw, Ga-Ma-Yo

Andrew is a game developer with design, art, creative direction and management credits to his name. By day he is the Lead Design at multi-award winning studio the Chinese Room, by night he makes his own games and runs Ga-Ma-Yo. Ga-Ma-yo (Game Makers Yorkshire) is an informal network connecting over 500 game developers based in […]

New Start magazine Better Places graphic

New Start magazine and email bulletin

New Start was launched as the UK’s first regeneration magazine in February 1999. Since then it has told the stories of the people and projects creating social and economic change in local areas in the UK and internationally. It has championed urban regeneration that is inclusive, sustainable and socially just. To celebrate the launch, New […]

Missy Tassles BLAC Black Light Art Collective Sheffield Missy Tassles Bath linoprint

Missy Tassles

Missy Tassles is a dilettante extraordinaire who loves drawing cartoon diaries, making comics, attempting arts and crafts, photography, making vintage clothes and paraphernalia, playing 1960s garage records, and sings and plays music under a number of guises both with bands and as a solo artist. A film lecturer by day, she employs her love of […]

Ping Pong Cumberland Arms Newcastle photo Conrad Scott

Ping Pong Newcastle. Beer. Tunes. Table tennis.

Ping Pong Newcastle offers Berlin-style, Rundlauf (round-the-table) Ping Pong. DJs will play music to make you happy and dance, amidst the friendliest folk this side of a soma-party. More fun than a sackful of kittens. No table tennis talent required. All are good. To celebrate the launch of the directory, Ping Pong Newcastle will distribute […]

Small Cinema Moston at Miners Arts and Music Centre Moston

Louis Beckett, Miners Community Arts and Music Centre & Moston Small Cinema

I am an Artist by trade but also run the Centre and Cinema.The Centre was a social club on a working class estate until it was left and neglected. Over the last 3 years we have totally refurbished three quarters of this building. There is space for local bands to rehearse and local artists to […]

Now Then magazine Sheffield Hannah DIrectory 2014

Now Then magazine

Now Then is a free, independent magazine covering art, culture and politics. Each issue is built around a submission from a different featured artist and the articles, reviews and interviews are written by local people. Now Then is all about reflecting the creative, cultural and political output of the city, engaging with local people and […]

Jonathan Greenbank Artist Crosby Liverpool Morcombe

Jonathan Greenbank

Artist, teacher, reader, author, my work was once described as ‘playful yet sincere’ which I love: as honest and personal as possible, but with a humour and Northernness that my upbringing inspired. With influences such as Joseph Cornell, Morrissey, fortune tellers, Billy Fury, superheroes, Willy Russell, Sesame Street, Alan Bennett… narrative plays a key role […]

BLAC Black Light Art Collective Sheffield portrait

Black Light Art Collective (BLAC)

This unique collective creates artwork using personal, autobiographical and pop-art themes in a variety of mediums. These include monochromatic prints from linocuts, paintings in oil and acrylics, and drawings in pen and ink of figurative, landscape and experimental subjects. Black Light Ray, as part of the collective also make music and video. BE YOUR OWN […]

lorna jewitt Leeds college art design fabrication hannah 2014

Lorna Jewitt with Leeds College of Art students.

Lorna Jewitt is an artist, curator and teacher. For the Hannah directory launch, she has curated an exhibition of Extended Diploma textiles & fashion students work, on show at Fabrication in The Light, Leeds from 3rd June. Students working on textiles or fashion projects produce small, practical samples that could then be further developed into […]

Haircuts by Children Ilana Mitchell Newcastle photo fadwebsite com

Ilana Mitchell / Wunderbar

Artistic Director of Wunderbar, one of the founders of Star & Shadow Cinema and artist with herself and others, Ilana circumnavigates the realm of subtle activism through playfully disruptive mechanisms. Basically being difficult in a creative way. Upcoming Wunderbar projects include: “Wunderbiz”, a range of business models that offer alternatives to ethical or practical conundrums, […]

Together for Peace t4p leeds

Jill Mann, Ed Carlisle and Mike Love, Together for Peace

Here at Together for Peace (T4P), we bring together diverse people to find cooperative solutions to local and global issues. We’re a deliberately small charity working with others to achieve positive change through an eclectic range of activities from food to film, and from dialogue to den making. We’re helping develop Leeds for Change where […]

children and families playing with recycled materials in a sunny, wood floored room.

Emma Pace, House of Objects Creative Recycling Centre

House of Objects Creative Recycling Centre exists to change attitudes about waste, reduce landfill and provide opportunities for children, young people and adults to work with and be inspired by quality reclaimed materials.

Service Design Leeds Gov Jam Hannah Directory 2014

Service Design Leeds

Founded by service design consultants Kathryn Grace and Matt Edgar, SD Leeds have been hosting Service Design Thinks and Drinks in the city since 2010. They also run events as part of the Global Service Jam movement. The organisation exists to share knowledge and ideas between the people designing services to help make those services […]

Lisa Roberts curator. An art photograph of clear, still water from Propeller Gallery Kemio South West Finland photo credit TBC

Lisa Roberts, Propeller Gallery

Propeller Gallery supports emerging contemporary artists from South West Finland. Launching it’s web shop and gallery & shop venue in the archipelago on 1st June 2014, PG will sell 2D original art and reproductions, book works and other limited editions. We have plans to develop a cross-cultural exchange and build a thriving creative community by […]

A group of men and woman in high visibility yellow jackets and bunny ears in front of a banner reading Big Issue in the North. Photo credit TBC.

Kevin Gopal, editor, The Big Issue in the North

The Big Issue in the North is a weekly magazine sold by homeless people and those without any other means of earning an income. Our patch is the North West and Yorkshire and Humber, and we celebrate its talent from the worlds of arts, entertainment, activism, sport and more – during the Hannah launch and […]

Hyde Park Picture House Leeds Tony Oconnell interior

Leeds – United! screening at Hyde Park cinema

Leeds – United! a BBC Play for Today produced in 1974, reconstructs a 1970 strike in which 30,000 workers, mostly women, came out for a gender-equal shilling-per-hour pay increase, but were controversially undermined by their own union. Written by Colin Welland, directed by Roy Battersby and featuring Lynne Perrie, Elizabeth Spriggs and Lori Wells, the […]


xsite architecture

xsite strive to affect positive change in the built environment by considering the cultural and social impacts of development as well as being wise to the economic demands of creating new environments.

The Wednesday Lecture Breeze Creatives Newcastle Exhibition Park

Breeze Creatives

Breeze Creatives is a Community Interest Company which aims to create opportunities for a diverse range of practitioners. It was created to fill the gap between the artists studio and the contemporary gallery. Alongside this we run The Wednesday Lecture, a free public lecture series created by Breeze Creatives and housed by Vane Gallery. We […]

Fawn Spots Wharf Chambers Hannah 2013 photo Iggoire

Wharf Chambers Co-operative Club

Wharf Chambers is a non-profit club based in a former Victorian warehouse in the centre of Leeds, ethically managed for the benefit of its members by a worker co-operative. We aim to be a sustainable and accessible bar and multi-use venue and to create a much needed alternative to market-led cultural activity in the city. […]

Beetlefelt machine embroidery student Chorlton Manchester

Beetlefelt Craft Workshops

Beetlefelt is an independent craft school set up by Carol Mowl so that she can continue her commitment to adult education by teaching in a way that focused on spontaneity: “you see the people in front of you and you think ‘what do they want from this today?’, and it’s of the moment and at […]

Cath and Phil Tyler photo_nick_jonah_davis

Cath and Phil Tyler

We’re an Anglo-American folk music duo resident in Newcastle for a while now, coming together musically through a shared love of traditional narrative song, full voiced sacred harp singing and sparse mountain banjo. We’ll play anywhere, from big stages to your front room, and give “a highly concentrated and intimate musical experience that penetrates to […]

one dynamix skate park gateshead

Rico Jakk and Rosa Stourac McCreery, One Dynamix

In what was a wrecked 40 000 sq ft plastics factory on the Felling By Pass, Gateshead, Dynamix houses a unique combination of facilities, activities and services. We are a not for profit, built (without funding) on volunteering, reclaiming, recycling; our own ‘micro-economy’ of barter and skills exchange. Our aim is to help people realise […]

Red and Green Club Milnesbridge Huddersfield Colne Valley

Red and Green Club

The Red and Green Club is a cooperative, structured as a community benefit society. That means we work together for the club but also have a wider concern for the local community. The club is reviving a community-based radical culture from the early years of the longest surviving socialist club in Yorkshire.

A wooden plaque holding a saw between the words Men in Sheds in rounded wooden letters.

Barrow Respectability

Barrow Respectability supports older people to establish, participate and run a series of ventures, which will utilise their existing skills, develop new ones, encourage social interaction and provide valuable services to the wider community. Equipped with a clear sense of purpose, increased self-confidence and a wider social network, older people will be better placed to […]

Rafts made of twigs and machine stitched cloth floating in a blue children's pool broadcasting data about themselves.

Victoria Bradbury

Victoria Bradbury is a visual artist based in Newcastle whose work weaves participation, code, body and object. In her studio, she oscillates among her favourites: programming, physical computing and making handmade (often soft!) objects. Electronic Ginseng are sculptural fabric ginseng with embroidered leaves, stems, and roots. For the Hannah launch, the ginseng have been networked […]

Two men in sinister masks of a chicken and a bulldog sit behind laptops and broadcasting equipment.

Glenn Boulter, Octopus Collective / Full of Noises Festival

Octopus Collective are a sound arts and new music organisation based in a public park on Cumbria’s Furness Peninsula.

workshop at Access Space sustainable media lab in Sheffield

Access Space

Access Space is the UK’s longest running and most sustainable free, open digital arts lab. At Access Space, people interested in art, design, computers, recycling, music, electronics, photography and more meet like-minded people, share and develop skills and work on creative, enterprising and technical projects. Access Space operate at a very low cost with a […]

Empty Shop Durham White Walls

Wunderkammer Durham City, Empty Shop with Beth J Ross

A celebration of creativity, curio and community. Empty Shop is an independent arts venue tucked away in the heart of Durham city centre. Beginning life as a series of pop-ups in 2009 Empty Shop’s permanent venue is now one of Durham’s most popular hidden gems. To celebrate the Hannah launch Empty Shop invites you on […]

Ben Dalton Hannah Directory 2014 Leeds Met Royal College of Art

Ben Dalton

I’m looking at how to design for digital pseudonymity. I’m particularly interested in anonymous pseudonyms, like the nom de plumes authors used to use all the time, and whether they can exist in digital spaces dominated by massive capacity for information processing and archiving. I’m currently interviewing puppet performers to understand better how experts control […]

Peter Sansom Ann Sansom Poetry Business Hannah Directory2014

Peter & Ann Sansom, The Poetry Business

The Poetry Business is a publisher and writer development agency.

Charlie Bramley Newcastle music culture lab Unmusical

Charlie Bramley, un-Musical

For the Hannah directory launch celebration, Charlie Bramley will host improvised music workshops, recording sessions, performances and conversations with the mythical, illusory figures known as ‘non-musicians’ and the ‘unmusical’. Through these events, we will demonstrate the absurdity of such concepts by forging small groups whose engagement with Afrological conceptions of free music provides a practical […]

Writing Squad Hannah Directory 2014

The Writing Squad

We are creating the next generation of writers in the North through workshops, 1-1 support and investment for writers and literature activists aged 16-21.

A woman mending cloth at a mill in 1970s Leeds.

Amy Charlesworth and Gill Park

Curators Amy Charlesworth and Gill Park present a screening of Leeds – United!, produced in 1974 as a BBC Play for Today, that depicts an industrial dispute in the Leeds clothing trade. Amy Charlesworth is curator at Gallery II, University of Bradford and also works as a tutor in History of Art and the University […]

Penistone line music train Huddersfield

Penistone Line Music Train

The first Penistone line music train was in September 1993, and came about as a means of making more people aware of their local railway. It introduces lots of people to using their local train, and in 1998 The Guardian described the Penistone Line as ‘Britain’s number 1 Fun Railway’. Many other Community Rail Partnerships […]

Durham artist Beth J Ross facing a white sheet with red marks on.

Wunderkammer Exchange: Beth J Ross with Empty Shop

At the close of Empty Shop’s walking tour of Durham’s hidden independent venues there will be an after party at HQ featuring the ‘Wunderkammer Exchange’, organised by Beth Ross, a cabinet stocked with all manner of creative delights awaiting new homes. Bring your own creative efforts (drawings, poetry, music, sculpture, writing and ideas) to swap. […]

In Certain Places Harris FLights Preston Harris Gallery

In Certain Places

In Certain Places is a programme of artworks, architectural interventions and collective conversations, run by Elaine Speight and Professor Charles Quick in the School of Art, Design and Performance at the University of Central Lancashire. As part of a project funded by UCLan Contemporary Arts Development Group and the Community Media Association, we are working […]

Hannah Mitchell suffragette quote Hannah Directory open space

Open Space: How Can Even More Great Stuff Happen?

What do you think needs to change, or stay the same, to make places in the north even better to live and work in over the next 10 years? We’ll use the open space event structure so everyone who comes has chance to share their ideas, listen, talk and think about making the best future […]

Hannah Directory 2014 designed by Simon Canaway, Newcastle

Hannah Directory 2014 on paper

Designed this year by Simon Canaway of Supanaught in Newcastle.

Postscript Laynes espresso Alice Bradshaw Vanessa Haley postcards

Alice Bradshaw & Vanessa Haley, a postscript to Postscript

Alice Bradshaw & Vanessa Haley are West Yorkshire based artists and curators. They co-curated for Holmfirth Arts Festival in 2011 and 2012, after meeting whilst working on Warehouse Weekend at Bates Mill, Huddersfield, in 2010. To celebrate the launch of the 2014-15 directory, they add a postscript to their 2013 Hannah project Postscript.


Star and Shadow Cinema

The Star and Shadow Cinema is a venue that provides a haven away from the mundane mainstream of film and music; a nursery for independent creativity and thinking.

road to never else. weakie discs Rust Istanbul Misko_Itinerants_HuddersfieldRZO Krakow Hannah 2104

Weakie discs / Rust / Misko

“Weakie discs” was founded in December 2012 in Krakow, and from the beginning it was focused on interesting, but unknown artists. founder, rzo the singer for a long time wanted to publish a mixtape with artists from all over the world. did it in July 2013 and since that time it was easier with the […]

Maker Fun digital craft wearables children families code learning

Jo Claessens, Maker Fun

Maker Fun is launching the next series of Maker Fun events by celebrating Hannah directory launch. Please join us for this ‘free style’ session where you can come and find out about our creative making sessions for young children. We set up Maker Fun to get kids inventing, designing and making cool stuff for fun. […]


Hannabiell Sanders and Yilis del Carmen Suriel, Creative Visions & Rhythms

CV&R is an organization devoted to bringing imaginative artists and their visionary talents to populations that otherwise would not have access to them.

Pinatopia - Mount Folly Harold Offeh

Harold Offeh

Harold Offeh is an artist who works in a range of media including performance, video and photography using humour as a means to confront the viewer with an assessment of contemporary culture. Recently Offeh has approached the themes of service and Afro hair through collective live engagements with other artists, performers and community participation. He […]

miniature gaming figures in a castle made of Infinite Crypt models

James Wallbank, Infinite Crypt

Infinite Crypt is a Sheffield startup, incubated at Access Space and funded by a successful Kickstarter, which uses on-demand rapid fabrication production to make endlessly reconfigurable 3D dungeons, castles, temples & bunkers for miniatures gaming. Robust, architectural designs made affordable. Infinite Crypt is a new class of laser-cut gaming terrain that hasn’t been seen before. […]

Head and shoulders of a girl of about 10 sitting in front of a very green landscape painting, and looking directly into the camera, lit by sunshine from behind.

Ben Jones, The Spence Watson Archive Project

The Spence Watson Archive Project involves the creation of participatory digital artworks using archival material concerning the nineteenth century Spence Watson family and their time living at Bensham Grove House, Gateshead. The project collaborates with artists, community organisations, local residents and schools to create artwork to be presented in the house, now a community centre, […]

Attaya Projects Lalya Gaye Newcastle Hannah Directory 2014

Attaya Projects

Founded in 2013 by artist/designer/engineer Lalya Gaye, Attaya Projects is a collective digital media arts practice primarily based in Newcastle, with an interdisciplinary network of collaborators spread across 4 continents.

Fictions of Every Kind DIY writers social event Leeds

Fictions of Every Kind: North

Fictions… is a DIY writers’ social aimed at supporting & encouraging anyone engaged in the lonely act of writing. This is a collaborative event with The Poetry Business & The Writing Squad. Featuring invited speakers: STEVE DEARDEN “In a moment, Steve’s stories stories can go violent, almost too violent, then sexy, really sexy, then funny. […]